「Adventure Rafting is an outdoor company specializing in unique adventures in Gifu-ken Japan.
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Adventure Rafting Inc.
Postcode 501-4106
,Nishi Otsubara,
Business hours:9:00〜19:00

「Adventure Rafting」Adventure Rafting is an outdoor company specializing in unique adventures in Gifu-ken Japan.
Adventure Rafting TEL:0575-79-3405 reservation
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This is an experience that you will never forget. Come and frolic with us in the waterfalls and minus ion filled lush valleys. Climb up waterfalls and then slide down or jump into the crystal clear pools below. When you climb out from the pools and this wonderful experience you will feel refreshed and one with nature. Adventure Rafting supplies all equipment to keep you safe, warm and guarantees a smile.
Holding time(6/1〜9/30)
Holding place Shirotori Suzuka
The mountain stream
before Gifu Shirotori-cho
Nagara-gawa basin system
Komono-cho, Mie-gun, Mie-ken gozaisyo-dake (bell Shikayama pulse) kitatani
Reservation and payment

When making reservations please understand that there are times of the year that we are extremely busy( during Obon and summer holidays,
Japanese special holidays) and the times that you request may not be available. It is recommended that you book as soon as you have your plans in order.
Please telephone or send e-mail/fax and tell us the following
information(Tel. 0575-79-3405, Fax. 0575-63-2853).

Please relate to us the following information:
1. How many people in your party
2. Date and times that you would like to go.
3. What you would like to participate in:
 Shower Climbing
3. Will you be driving or coming by bus.

After our staff has made a reservation for you please send your
deposit to the following account ( " furikomi "bank to bank wire

Bank:Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank Jimokuji branch
Type of account: regular account (futsu) 226476
Account name: Adventure rafting

There is a charge for canceling your reservation especially if the cancellation is close to your reserved dates. The amount is written in the reservations section. Please click on button on reservations button to assess this information.

If you have any questions please call Adventure Rafting at 0575-79-3405.
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